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Infinity143 is a gift that came to me in a time of loss and grief. After my husband, Cody, passed away in 2021, my cousin asked if she could take the last bouquet Cody gifted me to be preserved. Apprehensive, I agreed to have her take them. Little did I know this thoughtful keepsake would propel me into discovering an art form that I now love. 

I decided to learn more about flower preservation, specifically with resin. I fell in love with the process of not only using my hands to create something beautiful but also to gift others something for their own lives that would last forever. I am grateful for the friends, brides, and customers who’ve trusted me with their florals as my skills and business continue to grow with each passing day. 

Infinity143 first started as an inside joke between my husband and I when we were young, as he would tell me, “I love you infinity to the infinitieth power,” and now I’m happy to share a little piece of that love with you. 

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